Plates and knives

We provide high quality meat grinder plates, knives, and separating knife sets.

The plates and knives are manufactured by our European partner. We have chosen materials that fit general use cases best, but can also provide other types from request.

Enterprise System:
Machine (mm) 2,5 3,0 3,5 4,0 4,5 6,0 7,8 10,0 12,0 13,0 14,0 16,0 18,0 20,0 30,0
LM‑22/P, A          
LM‑32/P, A        
LM‑42, A          

The Enterprise system plates and knives are made of a tool steel with high resistance to abrasive and adhesive wear. The cutting knife pieces that are welded on the knives are made of stellite. Stellite as a material suits cutting tools especially well. Enterprise plates and knives can be sharpened to extended their lifetime, and should be always replaced in pairs to ensure good cutting performance.

Unger System:
Machine (mm) 2,0 2,5 3,0 3,5 4,0 4,5 5,0 6,0 7,8 10,0 13,0 16,0 18,0 20,0 25,0 30,0
LM‑82/P, A      
LM‑98/P, A      
LM‑130, A

The Unger system plates we provide by default are made of stainless steel, and knives of spring steel. Stainless steel resists corrosion well, while the spring steel alloy we use is characterised by high hardness.

What are Enterprise and Unger cutting systems?