Meat Tenderizer


Designed to be easy to clean and maintenance-free.

The KT-PK meat tenderizer is designed to tenderize boneless meat, chicken, and skinless fish. By adding the optional mini-slicer blade set, the KT-PK can also cut smaller amounts of meat into slices and strips.

The machine is compact but powerful. It is small and light-weight, fitting well a standard shop counter without a need for a specially made table.

Key benefits:
  • Versatile: the same machine can both tenderize and cut slices.
  • Maintenance-free: the mechanism runs in oil and is equipped with ball bearings.
  • Durable: the machine is constructed in stainless steel.
  • Easy to clean: the blade and safety covers can be removed for cleaning.
  • Safe: access to the blades is prevented both from the top and bottom, and moving the safety cover stops the motor immediately.


Specifications Accessories
  • Motor options:
    • 0.37 kW (3-phase), blade speed 90 rpm
    • 0.55 kW (1-phase, 50 Hz version), blade speed 90 rpm
    • 0.55 kW (1-phase, 60 Hz version), blade speed 110 rpm
  • Weight:
    • Total weight: 32 kg
    • Blade set: 3.4 kg
    • Slicer blade set: 3.6 kg
  • Capacity: 1200 steaks/hour
  • Mini-slicer blade set for slicing meat (spacing 10 mm or 20 mm)
  • Deeper cutting Texas tenderizing blade set

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