Tray Sealer


User-friendly sealing for plastic film and cardboard lids.

The machine suits well grocery stores, restaurants, institutional kitchens, and food distributors.

Achieving consistent quality for each tray is easy: sealing a tray (placing the tray, stretching film over it, and thermal sealing) takes approximately 10 seconds. The operator simply pulls the film over the tray and closes the sealer. The sealer opens automatically when the tray has been closed. Sealing time is adjustable.

Key benefits:
  • Easy to use: after pressing the lid down, the sealer stays closed and opens automatically when ready.
  • Increases productivity: The sealer does not need to be held closed manually during sealing.
  • Durable: the materials used are easy to clean and maintain, and the number of components that are subject to wear and tear has been minimized.


Specifications Tray types
  • Maximum dimensions:
    • Tray size: 270 × 190 mm
    • Film roll diameter: 250 mm
    • Film width: 190 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
Tray holders for different tray types are easy to change in daily use.

  • Holders for common tray types are available off the shelf
  • Custom tray holders can be designed based on customer specifications