Band saw blades

We provide high quality band saw blades for the food and meat industries.

The blade coils are manufactured in Europe by our long-term partner who is known for reliable and high-quality products. We weld the blade coils to make perfectly fitting blades for KT band saws. The butt welding process results in a durable, seamless blade. We also provide custom blades for other band saws in the market for the food processing industry.

We recommend the 4 TPI (teeth/inch) blade as the standard option:

Use case Recommended teeth/inch
Cutting fresh meat with bone 4 TPI
Cutting frozen meat 4 TPI (or 3 TPI)
Cutting frozen fish 4 TPI (or 3+3 TPI)
Cutting poultry 4 TPI (or 3+3 TPI)
Carcass splitting 3+3 TPI

A lower TPI results in a faster but rougher cut, as there is more space between each tooth and each tooth cuts a larger proportion of the material. A higher TPI results in a smoother cut, since each tooth cuts in relative terms less material.

The 4 TPI blade is a good standard option for cutting meat and bones.

The 3+3 TPI blade has a smaller cleaning tooth as every second tooth, which achieves a cleaner cut and reduces noise levels.

The blades we provide are suitable only for use in the food and meat industries.