We have been designing and manufacturing food processing machines since 1938.

Nordic quality

We approach engineering as a craft where it is important to combine customer feedback with a strong focus on good taste and opinions around design choices. We produce machine parts ourselves with state of the art CNC machines to ensure high quality and to be more immune to supply chain shocks.

Focus on the essential

We run a lean organisation with all employees hands-on to ensure that our customers get the most value. Our products are designed to be simple and durable to ensure fair prices, easy operation, and a long product lifetime.

Safety first

When working in the food industry, it is extremely important to keep the end-users safe and protected from harm. Our products are reliable and safe to use, with a long service life. We continuously follow changes in safety standards and update our products accordingly.

Born global

Most of the machines we produce in our factory in Finland are exported all around the world. Any third-party manufactured products we sell have to fulfill the same rigorous quality and testing criteria as our own production.

Built to last

Every once in a while we encounter KT machines that have been in use for decades and are still fully functional – for example, a KT-325 band saw from 1968. We provide spare parts for a long time and improve machines in gradual iterations to ensure compatibility across product generations. If safety requirements have made the old machine obsolete, we always advise to replace it with a modern version.

Company founder Huvi Akrenius grinding coffee beans with a KT coffee mill in 1959


Huvi Akrenius founded Koneteollisuus in 1938 as a one-man shop operating in the basement of an apartment building in Helsinki. In the post-war period of scarcity, there was a high domestic demand for many kinds of machines and appliances while it was difficult to obtain raw materials and components. Gradually his hard work paid off, and he was able to start a factory in Helsinki and hire people to help with engineering and sales.

Huvi’s sons took the next growth leap by building a new, larger factory, focusing the product portfolio on food processing machinery, and expanding sales to international markets. The third generation has joined the company with higher education in business and engineering, and experience in having first worked in the industry.

The company is still run by the same family, with the second and third generations actively involved in day-to-day operations. Being family-owned allows us to focus on the long-term when collaborating with our customers and partners. Many of our employees have had a long tenure at the company, and the sense of belonging is strong.